Pool Plaster Disc NON-CORROSIVE 70 Grit

Iron Rock SKU: WD7070


The Pool Plaster Disc NON-CORROSIVE 70 Grit is perfect for use on new polished pool plaster finishes. It can be used wet or dry to remove trowel marks and provide a smooth finish. Our 70 Grit Pool Plaster Disc is made with carefully selected 70 grit diamonds that are bonded to a specific NON-CORROSIVE material, making it safe to use on swimming pool plaster finishes without causing stains over time.

This disc is ideal for use on Durazzo Polished Marble Pool Finish and Hydrazzo Polished Marble Pool Finishes, and it works well with all variable speed polishers and sanders. To prevent the disc and plaster from overheating, be sure to use a hose to wash off any plaster residual material remaining after covering a 5 Ft. x 5 Ft. area when using a pool plaster disc without water.

Check out our Resurface Rough Pool Plaster Guide for more tips on using this product. Our 7" diameter hook and loop backer pad AG7529, used in conjunction with our Pool Plaster Diamond Pad 70 Grit, ensures 100% contact with the pool plaster finish you are resurfacing. Avoid using smaller diameter backing pads as this can cause uneven wear and reduce the life of the pool plaster disc. Remember not to exceed 3500 RPMs.