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Introducing our Pool Plaster Discs, the ultimate solution for sanding and polishing pool finishes. Crafted with a non-corrosive bonding material, these discs are versatile, usable with or without water, and ensure a pristine result without any rust or corrosion stains. Bid farewell to rough pool surfaces like overexposed aggregate or unsightly tool marks, as our discs effortlessly resurface and polish, delivering a sleek, smooth finish. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with iron stains, organic stains, buildup, pool scale, or calcium nodes – our diamond discs efficiently eliminate these issues, leaving your pool gleaming with a flawless polish. No more grappling with roughness, scaling, or discoloration, the common challenges of maintaining plaster-finished pools. With our Pool Plaster Diamond Discs, say hello to a pool that's impeccably finished and beautifully maintained.

  1. Ignoring pool chemistry: Neglecting to properly maintain pool chemistry can lead to elevated pH and calcium hardness levels, which will soon manifest on the surface of the pool plaster.
  2. The three main causes of rough pool plaster finishes are:
  3. Acid washing, while providing a swift solution, involves the use of muriatic acid to clean the pool, which can corrode the Portland cement surrounding the pool aggregate. This process can lead to a roughened and compromised finish.
  4. Salt exposure poses a challenge, particularly in saltwater pools where the salt content can gradually erode the cement in plaster, resulting in a coarse finish. This underscores the significance of comprehending the impact of salt on concrete pool surfaces.

Revamp your coarse pool plaster into a flawlessly smooth surface with our budget-friendly two-step method. Attain a beautifully polished appearance for your color quartz or standard plaster pool. Prolong the lifespan of your pool plaster and elevate your swimming enjoyment today!

When applying pool plaster, manufacturers recommend a minimum thickness of 5/8 inch to guarantee ample material for achieving a smooth, even finish. This ensures that rough plaster finishes can be effortlessly removed, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your pool's plaster surface.

The two-step sanding and polishing procedure efficiently eliminates calcium nodules, spot etching, skin abrasions, and damage from bathing suits. This leads to a uniformly colored surface that enhances the overall enjoyment of entertaining in and around your pool.

Optimize your pool renovation by draining the water and examining the underwater components. This presents an ideal opportunity to replace or repair items like lights, stair steps, fittings, tiles, anchors, railings, and any other features situated below the waterline. Consistent upkeep is essential for maintaining your pool in peak condition, and draining the pool provides the perfect window to address these tasks.

Enhance your pool's finish effortlessly with our two-step resurfacing method. Our 7-inch non-corrosive pool plaster disc, affixed to a 7-inch Velcro pad with a maximum RPM of 3500, guarantee optimal surface contact for a seamless finish. By employing the appropriate diameter backing pad, our pool plaster discs ensure uniform wear, resulting in enduring results. The non-corrosive bonding material prevents any rust or corrosion stains from lingering residue, ensuring a premium resurfacing experience.

Achieve a sleek, refined surface for your pool plaster effortlessly with our straightforward two-step process. Our 7" non-corrosive diamond flexible discs, paired with the AG7529 7" Velcro pad, seamlessly integrate with a polisher or sander (with a maximum RPM of 3500), ensuring complete contact with the pool plaster surface. Begin by resurfacing the walls beneath the waterline tile, progressing downward to the floor, and then addressing the inside coves and corners. The disc performs efficiently with or without water; simply apply it evenly and gently against the damp plaster surface without exerting excessive pressure to prevent premature wear and deep swirl marks. The tool's weight should suffice. When using the pool plaster disc without water, remember to rinse off any residual material after working on a 5 Ft. x 5 Ft. area to prevent overheating and preserve both the disc and the pool plaster's integrity.

  1. WD7050: Opt for our 50 Grit NON-CORROSIVE Pool Plaster Disc to tackle rough pool plaster finishes or to erase trowel marks while achieving a subtle texture.
  2. WD7070: Designed to elevate semi-coarse pool plaster or gently refine newly installed polished quartz plaster, our 70 Grit NON-CORROSIVE Pool Plaster Disc delivers a refined, polished finish on both swimming pool floors and walls.
  3. WD7120: With our 120 Grit NON-CORROSIVE Pool Plaster Disc, attain a gorgeously smooth finish for your pool plaster. This disc adeptly eliminates any subtle texture, leaving behind a polished and inviting surface perfect for spa seats.

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Smooth Out Coarse Pool Plaster