Before using Pool Plaster Disc

Introducing the ultimate solution for sanding and polishing pool finishes - our Pool Plaster Diamond Discs. Made with a non-corrosive bonding material, our discs can be used with or without water and are guaranteed to leave no rust or corrosion stains. Say goodbye to rough pool finishes, such as overexposed aggregate or tool marks, as our discs can easily resurface and polish your pool to a smooth finish. No more dealing with iron stains, organic stains, build-up, pool scale, or calcium nodes - our diamond discs effectively remove these problems, leaving your pool with a beautifully polished look. Say goodbye to roughness, scaling, and discoloration, common issues associated with maintaining swimming pools with plaster finishes. Our Pool Plaster Diamond Discs are the answer to all your pool finish woes.

  1. Neglect of pool chemistry: Poor maintenance of pool chemistry can result in high pH and calcium hardness levels, which will quickly become evident on the pool plaster surface.
  2. The three main causes of rough pool plaster finishes are:
  3. Acid washing: Although a quick fix, using muriatic acid to clean the pool can eat away at the Portland cement surrounding the pool aggregate, resulting in a rough and weakened finish.
  4. Salt exposure: Saltwater from saltwater pools can attack the cement in plaster over time, causing a rough finish. This highlights the importance of understanding the effects of salt on concrete pools.

Transform Your Rough Pool Plaster into a Smooth, Pristine Finish with Our Cost-Effective Two-Step Process. Achieve a Perfectly Polished Look for Your Color Quartz or Standard Plaster Pool. Extend the Life of Your Pool Plaster and Enhance Your Swimming Experience Today!

When applying pool plaster, manufacturers advise a minimum thickness of 5/8 inch to ensure enough material to achieve a smooth flat finish. This ensures that rough plaster finishes can be easily removed, extending the life of your pool's plaster surface.

The two-step sanding and polishing process can effectively remove calcium nodules, spot etching, skin abrasions, and bathing suit damage, resulting in a consistently colored surface that enhances the overall pleasure of entertaining in and around your pool.

Maximize your pool renovation by draining the water and inspecting the underwater elements. This is the perfect opportunity to replace or repair items such as lights, stair steps, fittings, tile, anchors, railings, and anything else that may be located below the waterline. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your pool in top condition, and draining the pool is the best time to tackle these tasks.

Upgrade your pool finish with ease using our two-step resurfacing process. Our 7” non-corrosive diamond flexible discs attached to a 7” Velcro pad with a maximum RPM of 3500 ensure maximum surface contact for a smoother finish. Utilizing the proper diameter backing pad, our pool plaster discs ensure even wear for long-lasting results. The non-corrosive bonding material ensures no rust or corrosion stains from residual material, delivering a top-quality resurfacing experience.

Get a smooth, polished finish for your pool plaster with our easy two-step process. Our 7" non-corrosive diamond flexible discs, when attached to the AG7529 7" Velcro pad, work with a polisher or sander (with a maximum RPM of 3500) to provide 100% contact with the pool plaster surface. Start by resurfacing the walls under the waterline tile and move downward, followed by the floor, and then the inside coves and corners. The disc works effectively with or without water, just apply the whole face evenly and gently against the wet plaster without excessive pressure to avoid premature wear and deep swirl marks. The weight of the tool should be enough. If using the pool plaster disc without water, be sure to wash off residual material after working on a 5 Ft. x 5 Ft. area to prevent overheating and maintain the integrity of both the disc and the pool plaster.

  1. WD7050: Use our 50 Grit NON-CORROSIVE Pool Plaster Disc for coarse pool plaster finishes or to eliminate trowel marks and achieve a slight texture.
  2. WD7070: Our 70 Grit NON-CORROSIVE Pool Plaster Disc is designed to refine semi-coarse pool plaster or lightly buff newly installed polished quartz plaster to achieve a smooth finish.
  3. WD7120: Our 120 Grit NON-CORROSIVE Pool Plaster Disc achieves a beautifully smooth finish on your pool plaster. This disc effectively removes any slight texture, resulting in a polished and inviting surface.

After Using Pool Plaster Disc

After Pool Plaster Disc