Raimondi Self-Leveling Mixer With Paddle and Drill Combo



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Self Leveling Mixer, Paddle and Drill Combo by Raimondi for large jobs. The self-leveling mixer 20-gallon mixing bucket gives you a 1 bag mixing capacity for the same water to power mixing ratio every time. is a heavy-duty stand designed for mixing self-level materials. The 4 swivel wheels make it easy to move. The swivel bucket holder allows you to pour the mixture uniformly in place while eliminating fatigue from transporting the materials once mixed. The 3 spiral mixing paddle is 5-1/2-inch diameter and a length of 26-25/32-inches. Mixing Drill has two (2) variable speeds: first speed 180-460 rpm.; second speed 300- 700 rpm. Ships in 2 oversize boxes
  • Self Leveling Mixer comes with
  • 1 Bucket 20 Gal,
  • 1 Mixing Paddle.
  • Mixing Drill 1400 Watt Variable speed Mixing Drill.