Raimondi Self Leveling Mixer Station and Drill Combo

Raimondi Tools SKU: MXFMSC


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Self-Leveling Mixer Station Combo for large jobs has everything you need to start mixing and poring in place. The self-leveling mixer (Fluid Mixer Special) is a heavy-duty stand designed for mixing self-leveling materials. Weight 62 lbs. Raimondi Drill Mixer. With variable speed control (216 - 840 Rpm weights 13lbs. The self-leveling mixer 20-gallon mixing bucket gives you a 1-bag mixing capacity for the same water-to-power mixing ratio every time. The 4 swivel wheels make it easy to move. The Self Leveling Mixer Station swivel bucket holder allows you to pour the mixture uniformly while eliminating fatigue from transporting the materials once mixed. Self-leveling Mixer has a universal attachment for the drill or mixer from 1-9/16 in. to 2-3/8 in. The 3 spiral mixing paddle is 5-1/2 in. in diameter and has a length of 26-25/32 in.

Self-Leveling Mixer Station Combo

  • 1 Bucket 20 Gal
  • 1 Mixing Paddle
  • Drill Mixer with variable speed control 216 - 840 Rpm