Raimondi X-Light 8 Cup Large Format Tile Transport

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Raimondi X-Light 8 Cup Large Format Tile Transport, is an essential tool for handling and transporting large format tiles with ease. Designed specifically for gauge porcelain tiles, this frame version of the Raimondi Easy-Move X-Light is equipped with 8 single suction cups, ensuring a secure grip and effortless maneuverability.

Featuring a suction cup with a single pad designed for smooth surfaces, the transport system boasts a 4.5-inch grey stain-free rubber pad, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. The suction cup body is constructed from durable die-cast aluminum, offering both strength and lightweight characteristics.

The versatility of the Raimondi X-Light is unparalleled. All suction cups, including the central ones, can be easily adjusted along the profiles, allowing for flexible positioning to accommodate different tile sizes. The telescopic crossbars, available in two variable lengths (minimum 35 1/2 inches; maximum 63 inches), enable easy entry into cases or skids while adapting to slabs of any width.

With fluid sliding and telescopic handles featuring a "quick lock-release" handle system, the Raimondi X-Light provides excellent ergonomics and handling. For added safety during wall installations, the handles come with a support device specifically designed for slabs. The non-slip and stain-proof grommets on the four sliding handles further enhance the overall ease of use.

The Raimondi X-Light 8 Cup Large Format Tile Transport can accommodate slabs up to a maximum length of 10.5 feet, making it an ideal solution for various tile installation projects. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this innovative transport system, designed to simplify the handling of large format tiles, even in the most complex situations. Porcelain Tile Panel Transports by Raimondi.