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Raimondi Raizor Power Cutter Unit with Grinder and Blade

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The Raimondi RAIZOR Power Cutter Unit is a universal multi-angle cutting unit that comes with an angle grinder and blade to be used in combination with the RAIZOR cutting guides. Plunge cut using tilting movement to adjust the depth of the cut. The Power Raizor can perform cuts in the middle of the tile (square and rectangular). It can also perform the following intermediate angles 30°/47°/70°. To be used with Raimondi Raizor Cutting System for large format tiles up to 10.9 ft.
• Universal multi-angle cutting unit.
• Angle grinder used in combination with TC10RAIZOR.
• Plunge cut to adjust the depth of the cut.
• Tilting movement.
• Square or rectangle knock-out cuts.
• 90° and 180° tilt for cutting or edge treatment Can perform 45° miter cuts.
• Wet or dry cutting.
• Power Raizor includes grinder and 5" blade.
• Use proper GFCI protection around water.