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Raimondi Raizor Cutting System Complete

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RAIZOR Cutting System Complete for cutting large format tiles up to 10.9 ft. cutting length. The RAIZOR Cutting System Complete includes two 5.2 ft. guides, cutting units, and cutting-off pliers (TC5LFSPLT). The full RAIZOR cutting system is packaged in a resistant padded bag which protects and allows to carry the system easily. With adjustable compartments and pockets for storing personal items or small tools. SCORING SOLUTION Two connectible guides with a cutting length of 5.3 ft. each and 10.9 ft. combined. Made of extruded profiles with 3-stain free suctions. Suction cups prevent the cutting guide from moving during scoring for maximum precision. Handles for suction can perform at 180° as to not interfere with cutting. The cutting unit is a fine-adjusted system allowing perfect coupling between the cutting and the guide. Die-cast with wolfram carbide wheel Ø" and pin. RAZIOR Extension Rails