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Raimondi Easy-Move 150 4 Vacuum Suction Cup

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Raimondi Easy-Move 150 is a pair of handling devices with fixed length profiles and four (4) vacuum suction cups free to tilt and pivot. The four 7" suction cups come with a vacuum gauge and stain-free rubber. The pump system, tilting suction cups can be used on textured tiles and tilt to adapt to eventual bending and guarantee the perfect grip. 4 7" Vacuum Suction Cups with 286lbs power each 1144lbs total lifting weight. Four (4) sliding handles with non-slip and stain-proof grommet for best ergonomics and handling. Handles are equipped with a soft rubber grip. Combine with the Easy-Move crossbars with a quick lock-and-release system. 4.9' long and weighs 23 lbs. MAXIMUM SLAB LENGTH 4.9'.