Mozart Speed Trimmer

Leister Hot Air Tools SKU: WDD18ML


MOZART Speed Trimmer for trimming heat-welded rods. The cutting principle, blades and spacer claw are identical to the trimming knife. However, the two are positioned exactly one behind the other in a trolley which is connected to a telescopic handle by a universal joint. To trim a seam, the trolley is positioned at the end of a seam, gentle pressure is exerted through the telescopic handle and the blades moved forwards, where the seam guides the blades almost automatically. The spacer claw under the precutting blade is pivotably (final trimming cut right to the end).
  • Vinyl and linoleum pre-cut and trimming cut carried out in one step
  • Built-in spacer claws for vinyl (0.50 mm ) and linoleum (0.70 mm) 
  • Damaging the floor covering nearly impossible 
  • Perfect for large-scale trimming jobs!