MINIFLOOR Drive Unit Leister

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The MINI FLOOR Drive Unit is the only automatic welder in the world that offers the possibility to connect a hot-air hand tool in the simplest manner. This enhances the fields of use for a Leister TRIAC to countless variations! The Mini-Floor sophisticated technology of the drive unit and the drive sensors enable welding directly from the wall. There is only one required joint along the weld seam, and THAT saves time! The compact, low-profile design enables continuous welding in spaces with 12-inch minimum clearance (e.g. pre-assembled seat racks on public transportation like trains and buses). 2 inches minimum distance from the wall, ensures trouble-free welding around construction pipes and L-skirts. Weighing in 12 lbs (15 lbs including a TRIAC AT and nozzle) the MINI FLOOR is a lightweight solution among comparable welders and is easily transportable. The MINI FLOOR clearly increases the weld quality, facilitates work and reduces the time necessary to complete your project. Its use is worthwhile from weld lengths of 4 ft, and thanks to its lightweight 12 lbs design, the MINI FLOOR can be transported effortlessly. Mini Floor 120 V-Drive Unit only. Add your Triac S, ST, and AT with your nozzle to weld.