Leister Hot Jet S Professional Welder Kit

Leister Hot Air Tools SKU: WDD-620


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Leister Hot Jet S Professional Welder Kit includes

  • Leister Hot Jet S Hot Air Welder.
  • Leister 18V Cordless Groover (Includes 2 Batteries, Charger, Dust Bag, and Tool Box).
  • WDD 721 4mm Round Speed Nozzle.
  • WDD 722 5mm Round Speed Nozzle.
  • WDD 633 Ram Rod Clean Out Tool.
  • WDD S65 Classic Nozzle 4mm.
  • WDD 27B 5.7mm Triangular Speed Nozzle.
  • WDD 748 Special Feed Roller.
  • WDD 984 Hot Cutter Tool.
  • WDD 654H Attachment Holder for Leister Heat Gun.
  • WDD 703 Diamond Sharpening Pad.
  • WDD 758 Pull Groover and Blades.
  • WDD 15 Push Groover.
  • WDD 630 Trim Plate Knife.
  • WDD 18 Spatula Knife.
  • WDD 18C Curved Tip Spatula.
  • WDD 753 Teflon Repair Pad.
  • WDD 800 Tool Rest with Tray.
  • 1 Tool Box for Hot Jet S and Tools
  • 1 Leister Electric Power Groover Carry Case