Leister Cordless Groover 500 LP

Leister Hot Air Tools SKU: 168.171


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The cordless GROOVER 500-LP provides maximum flexibility on site given its battery-powered credentials allowing maximum flexibility while retaining the power, precision, and durability Leister is known for a while still allowing for dust-free floor grooving & milling. Designed for general-purpose milling for plastic (PVC, PE, PUR) and natural (linoleum, rubber) floor coverings, the new sensing roller provides reliable grooving, even on uneven floors. It easily cuts welding grooves for floor laying, up to a maximum depth of 6mm (depth adjustment is infinitely variable). Supplied with 1 30mm 3.5mm Parabolic TCT Blade (167.026). Additional replacement blades available Leister Cordless Groover 500 LP Carbide Tip Blade 2.8 mm, Leister Cordless Groover 500 LP Carbide Tip Blade 3.5 mm.

  • Cordless, battery operation with maximum flexibility
  • General-purpose milling blade for plastic and natural floor coverings
  • LED light to illuminate the grooving area
  • Sensing roller for reliable grooving, even on uneven floors
  • Side stop for grooving along rails
  • Three-point stand, enabling increased stability
  • Adjustable side roller for reliable grooving on pimpled floor coverings
  • Optimized rear guide roller for precise positioning
  • Adjustable guide roller for tracking accuracy
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Reduced dust particles with included dust bag
  • Able to cut close to floor edges