8" x 18" Poly Power Trowel Combination Blade 4-Pack

Power Trowel Blades SKU: SK215P


Our 8 x 18-inch Poly Power Trowel Combination Blade in white color is made from UHMW poly, making it perfect for decorative and polishing concrete applications. With a width of 8 inches and a length of 18 inches, this non-marring combination blade is designed to float and finish any concrete slab without leaving burnish marks. Its hard and polished finish ensures a professional-grade result every time, and it's compatible with most 46-48 inch Allen, Bartell, Wacker, Whiteman/MultiQuip, and MBW machines.

Designed specifically for walk-behind machines, this poly blade is an ideal choice for light-colored concrete floors as it prevents the formation of metal deposits that can darken the surface, ensuring a clean and bright finish. Please note that this poly trowel blade is not suitable for use on float pans.

Invest in our Poly Power Trowel Combination Blade and experience a superior finishing process for your concrete slabs.