Ishii 48" Turbo Tile Cutter

Ishii Tools SKU: ATM-1240S


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Looking for the best porcelain tile cutter on the market? Look no further than the Ishii 48" Turbo Tile Cutter! With its single H-shaped bar and 6 adjustable bearings, this cutter provides precise, clean cuts every time. The 13" front spring-loaded base and 12" long protractor gauge make it easy to measure and score tiles up to 3/4" thick. Two 16" extension arms can be adjusted for any cutting position, and the 4-3/4" wide breaker foot ensures a perfect break every time. With the ability to cut large format porcelain tiles up to 48" x 48" straight and 34" x 34" diagonal, the Ishii 48" Turbo Tile Cutter is the ultimate choice for any professional tile installer.