3mm Narrow Round Heat Welding Speed Preheat Nozzle

Leister SKU: WDD 3MM N


Achieve professional-grade heat welding results with our 3mm nozzle! Designed for use with Leister heat welding guns, this nozzle is perfect for welding PVC, non-PVC, or other resilient flooring materials. The flooring manufacturer's installation instructions will specify when heat-welded seams are required, and our nozzle is designed to meet those specifications. The 3mm nozzle features a small throat width for precise heat welding, and the rounded end of the nozzle ensures accuracy. For added convenience, this set includes a steel bristle brush and ramrod to clean the nozzle and remove the melted rod from the opening. Before welding flooring seams, always consult the flooring manufacturer's instructions for nozzle shape and size recommendations.