36" Raimondi "Push" Tile Cutter

Raimondi Tools SKU: TCPUSH36


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36-inch Raimondi Push Tile Cutter has a cast aluminum board making this professional tile cutter light cutter, while steel rails and rollers provide superior strength with low maintenance. The automatic breaking pad drops down when the handle is raised and flips up when scoring. Adjustment is available for thicker tile up to 1-inch. Scratch-resistant breaking foot will not mar delicate glazes. 29-inch Raimondi Push Tile Cutter has a spring-loaded table and foam extension pads and the proper amount of impact absorption to reduce broken porcelain tile. 36-inch Raimondi "Push" Tile Cutter cuts 36 x 36-inch straight and 26 x 26-inch on diagonal.