34" Raimondi Zipper Advanced Saw

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34-inch Raimondi Zipper Advance Tile Saw is a certified Italian quality saw that can be used on porcelain tile, ceramics, limestone, granite, glass, brick, and pool coping! Sliding motor assembly with cast aluminum housing. 34-inch Raimondi Zipper Advance Saw includes a 14-inch blade; Dressing stone; Square; Wrench Kit and user manual.
  • Motor 110 volts. | 25 amps
  • Belt Driven 2.2 hp at 3,360 RPM | 2,400 blade rotation
  • Four (4) adjustable pulleys run on an extruded aluminum rail. 
  • Size 50" x 27" x 37" 
  • Weight 176 lbs.
  • Arbor size 1"
  • Blade size capability 12" or 14"
  • Performs rip cut of 34", diagonal cut up to 24" x 24". 
  • 34" Raimondi Zipper Advance Saw able to plunge cut.
  • Adjustable 4-3/4" cutting depth 
  • Tilting motor assembly for bevel cuts (45°). 
  • Polypropylene water basin (10 gals.). 
  • Telescopic legs provided with a safety device, one-person set-up. 
  • Pivoting blade guard that remains parallel with tile to ensure maximum 4-3/4" cutting depth. 
  • Water pump with two (2) jet nozzles for blade cooling. 
  • MATERIALS Cast and extruded aluminum framework.
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