8" x 14" Combination Power Trowel Blade Plastic 4-PK

Power Trowel Blades SKU: SK101P


Looking for a high-quality plastic power trowel combination blade that can help you achieve stunning decorative and polished concrete surfaces? Our 8 x 14-inch Plastic Power Trowel Combination Blade is the perfect solution.

Measuring 8 inches wide and 14 inches long, this white-colored blade is made from UHMW plastic and designed specifically for walk-behind machines. It's ideal for use on light-colored concrete floors to prevent the formation of metal deposits that can darken the surface, ensuring a clean and bright finish.

Our Plastic Non-Marring Combination Blades are perfect for floating and finishing any concrete slab, particularly where burnish marks are a concern. With their hard and polished finish, these power trowel blades will help you achieve professional-grade results every time.

Please note that these blades should not be used with Float Pans. Invest in our 8 x 14-inch Plastic Power Trowel Combination Blade today to take your concrete projects to the next level!