6 x 18-inch Poly Power Trowel Finish Blade 4 pack

Power Trowel Blades SKU: SK214P


Upgrade your concrete finishing game with our 6 x 18-inch Poly Power Trowel Finish Blade, designed to achieve exceptional decorative and polishing concrete results. Measuring 6 inches wide and 18 inches in length, this white blade is made from UHMW plastic and is suitable for walk-behind machines only.

The non-marring combination blade is perfect for floating and finishing any concrete slab, especially where burnish marks are a concern. Its hard and polished finish ensures a professional-grade result every time, and it's ideal for use on light-colored concrete floors to prevent the formation of metal deposits that can darken the surface.

For best results, avoid using this poly trowel blade on float pans. Invest in our Poly Power Trowel Finish Blade today and achieve the perfect concrete finish every time!